As Clerk, Myla will be committed to improving access to voting so that every Marion County resident who wants to cast a ballot is able to do so. She will push for expanded in-person early voting and ask the Indiana General Assembly for no-fault absentee voting by mail. Finally, she will push for voting equipment that allows greater access to voters with limited abilities, whatever their limitations may be.


Myla believes our courts must be more open and accessible to those who use them. She will continue to support efforts to implement electronic filing in Marion County Courts. It’s a big job with many steps and stakeholders, but it will vastly improve service.

Myla will look for ways to increase access to our child support office and make sure that support checks are quickly distributed to families and children.

Customer Service

Myla believes everyone who walks into the Marion County’s Clerk’s Office is a valued customer who must be treated with respect and dignity.

Accordingly, deputy clerks in the office will always be positive and eager to help customers, and the office will be open and responsive to customer needs. The office will solicit and respond to feedback to improve our performance and ensure the best service.